Model Days…

An MSTR model allows our highly qualified practitioners to perform and demonstrate high-end dermal filler treatments but for a fraction of the price.

If after full healing time (as disclosed on day of appointment) you require any amendments, these will be chargeable at our full clinic prices and will be carried out by one of our qualified practitioners.


Model days are advertised only on our Instagram page and when slots become available you will be able to book using our online booking system. To ensure you don’t miss out on dates, turn on post notifications for our Instagram @MSTR_Aesthetics.

The cost of treatments will be considerably reduced and will be listed in our posts and online booking menu.

We operate our model days on a a first come first serve basis. To ensure you are notified please turn on post notifications for our Instagram @MSTR_Aesthetics

The treatments will vary depending on the up-skill or training required by the practitioner but the treatments we require models for will always be stated on the model call post on our Instagram page.

Yes all practitioners are fully qualified and experienced in advanced aesthetics and work in our MSTR clinics

We require consent for photographs/video content to be taken and used for our online content. If you are not willing to consent to photos being used online this would not be the option for you. You must be patient and allow plenty of time for the treatment to be completed.

Model days are suitable for anyone as long as they agree to our terms. If we have any specific requirements they will be made clear on our Instagram page. 

Model days aren’t set, they are only as and when we require and will be held at our luxury clinic in Brentwood.