Got Questions About PDO Threads?

Ahead of booking your MSTR treatment, you may have lots of questions around what to expect, how to prepare & recover, and even understanding the possible complications. We’ve pulled together all the information and common questions around thread treatments below.

What PDO Threads?

PDO is an acronym which stands for polydiaxanone which is a commonly used suture material by surgeons across the world in a variety of procedures. In aesthetics, there are two main types of PDO threads.

1.Regenerative threads – smooth and act by stimulating the body to lay down collagen which in turns reinforces the skins’ natural structure. This process will improve the skins’ laxity, reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and scars.

2.Lifting threads – a more complex design which acts in a Velcro manner to lift the skin without any sutures.

PDO threads start to dissolve after 3 months and depending on your individual metabolism may fully dissolve 9-18 months after the first treatment. It is essential to know that next treatment will last longer then the first one.

You will receive a local anaesthetic injection which is similar to that administered by your dentist, this will numb the area and make the treatment completely pain free. The effects of the numbing injection will last up to 6 hours.

Yes the thread does stay in your skin but is dissolvable so over time your body will naturally absorb it fully but for the time being the PDO Thread will remain in place and create a so called mechanical lift, after it dissolves it creates a biological lift by stimulating collagen in the skin.

PDO Threads can pretty much be used anywhere in the face, the main areas are:
– Under Eye
– Upper Eyelid
– Upper Lid
– Cheeks
– Jowls/Marionette Lines/Nasolabial Folds
– Neck
– Under Chin
– Acne Scars

Will My Skin Be More Wrinkled If I Have Them Dissolved?

No, as the threads stimulate collage your skin will always be more firm and less likely to wrinkle after the treatment.

Are There Any Complications?

The treatment is quite safe, this procedure has minor complications such as swelling and bruising. there is a slight increased risk of infection, nerve damage and possibly scarring with PDO Threads, your technician will discuss this further with you to reduce risk and apply after care.

– No Alcohol consumption 12 hours before and after the treatment
– No Smoking 6 hours before and after
– No strenuous exercise 2 weeks after the procedure
– Some clients will be asked to go on a liquid diet for 3-5 days after the treatment
– Depending on your medical conditions some clients who are diabetic or more prone to infection should take antibiotics for a short period after the treatment.​

Other post treatment precautions will depend on which area is treated and will be discussed with you in depth during your clinic appointment

– For a exaggerated lift 6/8 weeks after initial treatment
– For a maintenance lift 9/18 months after initial treatment
– With each treatment the results will last longer with an optimal duration of 5 years reported by some clients.

This treatment is not recommended for pregnant women, those who are unable to avoid strenuous exercise for a period of two weeks such as athletes or those working in the fitness industry. Those with obesity are discouraged from having this treatment.



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