Bum Filler FAQs

Got Questions About Bum Filler?

Ahead of booking your MSTR treatment, you may have lots of questions about what to expect, how to prepare & recover, and even understanding the possible complications. We’ve pulled together all the information and common questions about botox & anti wrinkle treatments below.

What type of fillers are injected in the butt? Are they same as other facial fillers?

Butt and body fillers have similar ingredients like facial fillers which is hyaluronic acid. The concentration of hyaluronic acid in the butt fillers are higher and molecule size is bigger to give more volume when injected.

Hip dips can be nicely improved to a rounder hourglass figure with fillers.

10 minutes prior to the procedure a numbing cream will be applied to help minimise any discomfort. This will ease the pain of the injection.

Because they are hyaluronic acid based, they area also reversible with hyalase injections (hyaluronidase) but amount of fillers will need many sessions to reverse the treatment.

Non-surgical butt lift with fillers last up to 18-24 months depending on your lifestyle and body type.

Fillers will expand and settle nicely in 3-4 weeks’ time and usually 2-3 sessions are recommended to see the best results

Gym and physical exercise are not recommended for a week and butt exercises like squad should be avoided for 6 weeks.

Patients should avoid physical activities and gym for a week, sun exposure, sun beds, tanning for 3 weeks and avoid butt exercises for 6 weeks.



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